Thank you for visiting our classes page. Spring (Green Dragon) is upon us, and the urge to stretch and exercise is naturally on your mind. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have found us.

Here are our classes and events. Our own Fresno area Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, and other kung fu classes are mainly what you see, but you will see special events that we will share here. (Brother Schools, Seminars, etc.) Both this and the Upcoming Events Page reflect this same calendar.

I offer Weekend morning classes. If you are looking to setup a private lesson ($50), I can do that before or after, or any other open time.

  • Drop-ins to any of my group classes – $15
  • Monthly for Saturdays OR Sundays class – $50
  • Monthly for Saturday AND Sunday classes (16 hours of class) – $80

What We Practice During Class

Subjects we cover stay primarily within the traditional principals of ‘internal’ kung fu or cultivation. Each class is never the same as the before or after it. The style is covered, but from a different aspect, which allows for a more deeper understanding of it. Right now, these arts are being practiced during the Weekends:

  • Chi Gung (Qigong)
  • Sun style Taijiquan (98)(Tai Chi)
  • Jiang Song Yan style Xingyiquan/Baguazhang (Other styles too)

The internal kung fu above is what I teach and practice on a daily basis, but I keep up my Shaolin foundation of Choy Lee Fut and other schools (From my earlier years 1985-1998) for my personal training, but if you want to do some privates, I can show you some instead of the Taiji Arts. Up to you. Read about my system here.