Qigong Grand Circulation For Spiritual Enlightenment (Qigong Foundation) by Yan,


Qigong Grand Circulation For Spiritual Enlightenment (Qigong Foundation) by Yan,

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Qigong Grand Circulation is an ancient path toward spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual enlightenment is a uniquely human endeavor; a universal and timeless quest to understand the mysteries of our lives. Perhaps it began when humans looked at the stars and first felt the enchantment of awe. But today, with all of our comforts and technological advancements, we are not satisfied. Our lives are noisy. Our bodies are under steady assault by pseudo-foods, poisons, and sedentary lifestyles. Our spirit is chaotic, competing with dogma and fear. We struggle to unplug, to disconnect, to deeply relax. The search for spiritual development has never been more urgent. Qigong helps us to consider and unify the mind, body, and spirit. This book provides traditional and modern scientific definitions of Qi and offers qigong practices to guide you on a path toward spiritual growth. Unique to qigong’s approach to spiritual enlightenment is the indivisibility of the mind-body-spirit. Training of one of these aspects is the training of all three. Contents include A traditional and modern scientific analysis of Qi Buddhist and Daoist differences in their approach to spiritual qigong training Various breathing techniques Fundamental concepts of Small and Grand Circulation Qigong Muscle/Tendon Change Grand Circulation Qigong Brain/Marrow Washing Small and Grand Circulation Qigong Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming has once again brought his unique scholarship and experience to write an insightful analysis of this ethereal and profound idea of spiritual enlightenment. His approach has always been to provide the information–a map–for the path.

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Qigong Grand Circulation for Spiritual Enlightenment
Jwing-Ming Yang
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320 Pages


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Dedication Editor’s Note Foreword Preface PART I: FOUNDATIONS Chapter1: General Qigong Concepts 1.1 Introduction 1.2 What Is Qi? What Is Qigong? 1.3 Important Fundamental Concepts 1.4 Body’s Qi Network–Qigong Science 1.5 Quantity of Qi and Quality of Qi’s Manifestation 1.6 Five Regulatings 1.7 General Differences between Buddhist and Daoist Qigong 1.8 Brief Background of Daoist Qigong Practice 1.9 Some Notes about Learning Qigong Chapter 2: Fundamental Concepts of Small and Grand Circulations 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Definitions and Purposes of Small Circulation and Grand Circulation 2.3 Contents of Muscle/Tendon Changing Grand Circulation 2.4 Contents of Marrow/Brain Washing Small Circulation 2.5 Contents of Marrow/Brain Washing Grand Circulation 2.6 Recovery from the Meditative State PART II: MUSCLE/TENDON CHANGING GRAND CIRCULATION Chapter 3: Muscle/Tendon Changing Grand Circulation 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Girdle (Belt) Vessel Breathing–Enhance Immune System 3.3 Turtle Shell Breathing–Iron Shirt 3.4 Twelve Meridian Grand Circulation–Regulate Qi 3.5 Four Gates Breathing– 3.6 Martial Grand Circulation–Power and Endurance 3.7 Joint Breathing–Loosen and Relax the Body 3.8 Skin/Marrow Breathing (Body Breathing)–Enhance the Immune System 3.9 Internal Organs Breathing–Foundation of Life 3.10 Other Dual Circulation (with Human) 3.11 Qi Exchange with Nature PART III: MARROW/BRAIN WASHING SMALL AND GRAND CIRCULATIONS Chapter 4: Scientific Foundation of Brain Washing Qigong 4.1 Review of Ancient Chinese Qigong Understanding 4.2 Scientific Foundations and Interpretations 4.3 Ancient Practice and Guidelines for Practicing Today Chapter 5: Marrow/Brain Washing Small Circulation 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Marrow/Brain Washing Small Circulation and Its Applications Chapter 6: Marrow/Brain Washing Grand Circulation 6.1 Introduction 6.2 Marrow Washing Grand Circulation 6.3 Ground Gate Grand Circulation Breathing 6.4 Heaven Gate Grand Circulation Breathing 6.5 Heaven/Ground Gates Grand Circulation 6.6 Buddhahood Grand Circulation (Spiritual Immortality) 6.7 Recovery from the Meditative State PART IV: COMBINATION OF MUSCLE/TENDON CHANGING AND MARROW/BRAIN WASHING GRAND CIRCULATIONS Chapter 7: Combined Practice of Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Grand Circulations 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Leading Qi Downward–Prevent High Blood Pressure, Headache, and Insomnia 7.3 Rooting Training/Five Gates Breathing 7.4 SexualEnergyCultivation PART V: CONCLUSIONS Chapter 2: Conclusions 8.1 Introduction 8.2 Past, Present, and Future Acknowledgements Appendix: Translation and Glossary of Chinese Terms Index About the Author
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