The 16 Internal Principles of Neigong Training Seminar

The 16 Internal Principles of Neigong Training Seminar

Authentic Neigong training is divided into three different levels of mastery: internal principles, energetic functions, and metaphysical manifestations. Which is why in ancient China Neigong training was considered to be the true secret of any great master’s internal power – and was traditionally used as the foundation of all serious martial, medical, and spiritual cultivation practice.

The 16 Internal Principle teaching that will be presented to the public in this new seminar was first mentioned in Chapter 32, pages 243-245 of Professor Jerry Alan Johnson’s autobiography titled A Master’s Journey: Secret Memoirs of a Warrior, Healer, & Mystic.

These special techniques not only emphasize the training of a person’s body, breath, and mind – but they also help to awaken the internal connection to their spirit body, which helps to increase an individual’s psychic skills and intuitive perceptions.

Space is limited; a certificate of completion will be presented to each student at the end of the seminar.


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