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Baguazhang – IRFS Eight Animals

Eight Animals Linking System [distance monitoring available] Email: kuan@baguakungfu.com *IRFS is a raw Martial Arts academic studies organization with a passion for biomechanical advantage in human fight performance and motion. All systems instructed feature rounded structural physics of the human framework. The spiral twisting of the muscles is the most optimal for ensuring variability of…

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Hsing I Chuan 12 Animals #2 DVD Gerald A. Sharp Trailer #internalkungfu #kungfu

This DVD demonstrates applications and forms training for the Fighting Chicken, Falcon, Swallow, Snake, Ta’i (Ostrich), and the Combined Eagle/Bear. Also provides a Daily Practice Companion to learn the forms and continues to build on the principles of the Five Fists and the Linking Concepts. Applications which emphasize Hsing-I’s strikes are coupled with Hsing-I’s close…

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