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Water, also known as tzuann chuan or drilling, is the second element in the five elements of Hsing I Chuan. Once again, the weight is 70% on the rear leg and 30% on the front leg. Taught by Sifu/Guro Jason W Brigham. Hsing I Chuan,hsing i,hsing yi chuan,xing yi quan,xingyiquan,water,five elements,wu xing,tzuann chuan,drilling,internal arts,internal kung…

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Drunken Fist: Internal Training: Neigong: Lesson 15: Qi Penetrating Method (Preview)

Guan Qi Fa is a Qi regulation method appropriate for anyone to learn. It is a part of the foundation of Neigong and Qigong training that helps to build a player towards high level internal practices. redjademartialarts.com neil,ripski,red,jade,martial,arts,kung,fu,qi,gong,neigong,chi,drunken,boxing,shaolin,free,lesson,xiao #Drunken #Fist #Internal #Training #Neigong #Lesson #Penetrating #Method #Preview

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Qigong Flow to Get Grounded

Grounding is a key principle in qigong. This routine cultivates the energy of centering so you maintain a strong root and don’t get thrown off by life’s challenges. It’s a great one if you experience over thinking, worry, insomnia, anxiety. Shot in Joshua Tree National Park vortex! Enjoy! qigong,qi,chi,chigong,yoga,yin yoga,yoga and qigong,qigong yoga,yoga qigong,chinese medicine,tcm,grounding,anxiety,worry,insomnia…

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