Reiki and Energy Treatments

When Life Force Is Blocked, We Must Do Something To Free It Up

Reiki Is For Everybody

When you are feeling down, Reiki can bring you back. Just like when you are around certain people that energize you. They are vibrating at a higher rate, and it is jumpstarting your own vibrations. It’s simple. Reiki does the same thing; it’s called entrainment. This effect was discovered by a scientist who placed two clocks near each other, and they were out of sync. But later on, he discovered that their ticking had synchronized. Yeah, entrainment is a real thing. Frequencies and vibrations.

We all have it on some level. Only, Reiki was developed to be a teachable system of tools that enable you to focus the intention. These tools are the templates that make us allow ourselves to be able to let the connection happen. Even Distant Treatments are possible. (using the same mental energy/focus, but the distance is only physical. Mental (conscious) Energy has no limit when it comes to distance.)