Reiki and Energy Treatments

When Life Force Is Blocked, We Must Do Something To Free It Up

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Reiki Is For Everybody

When you are feeling down, Reiki can bring you back. Just like when you are around certain people that energize you. They are vibrating at a higher rate, and it is jumpstarting yours. It’s simple. Reiki does the same thing; it’s called entrainment. This effect was discovered by a scientist who placed two clocks near each other, and they were out of sync. But later on, he discovered that they had synchronized. Yeah, entrainment is a real thing. Frequencies and vibrations.

We all have it on some level. Only, Reiki was developed to be a teachable system of the methods how to focus them. Even Distant Treatments are possible. Also discovered by experiments, people are capable of being connected to someone no-matter where in the world they may be. This is not common knowledge, and for many reasons. Obvious ones, at that. Who discovered it first: Quantum Mechanics? Or Reiki? Earlier civilizations?