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Neigong vs Qigong – Zachary Lui – Toronto Qigong

Zachary Lui, Qigong Master, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Instructor at the Quantum Life Science Institute talking about the differences between neigong vs qigong. Learn: -The meaning behind the terms qigong, neigong, daoyin -The difference in the focus of Qi between each terminology -Methods incorporated (visualization, breathwork, body posture) -Comparison within paradigms (Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism) Want…

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Qigong for Beginners

Feel your QI! This complete YOQI qigong flow routine designed for beginners to purge, tonify, regulate and circulate your qi. View over 50 more YOQI video routines (not on YouTube) in the YOQI Video on Demand Library here: . If you are interested to become a Certified YOQI Instructor we have also launched the Module…

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Daily Qigong with Don Fiore – 20 min

TaiChiHealthProducts.org presents “Daily Qigong with Louhan Patting” by Don Fiore. This is a NEW improved Qigong presentation. Don gives easy instructions and benefits for each move. He uses “mirror-imaging,” and these movements can also be done sitting down. Daily practice can help one’s overall health and well-being. You can order Don Fiore’s NEW “Daily Qigong…

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