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Baguazhang Water Palm

Water Palm is a powerful action that feels like a wave flowing over or around the opponent. It can be soft and gentle or strike like a crashing tsunami uprooting or crushing with great power. Learn More About Jiulong Baguazhang at www.thegompashop.com Join me in the Internal Arts University. We have created the Li Family…

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Xingyiquan Water Lizard Form

Shi Dan-Qiu performs the Water Lizard (Tuo Xing) as taught by Master Li Tian-Ji Traditional Chinese Medicine,Qigong,Chinese Martial Arts,Taijiquan,Baguazhang,Yiquan,Xingyichuan,Xing Yi Quan (Martial Art),T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Martial Art),Baguazhang (Martial Art),Amsterdam (City/Town/Village),neigong.nl,Shi Dan-Qiu,Water Lizard,Xingyiquan,taijiquan #Xingyiquan #Water #Lizard #Form

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