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Daily Qigong For Boosting Immunity

This is a Daily Qigong routine to strengthen your Lung Qi, boost immunity and regain energy after covid or any respiratory related condition. Practice this routine to improve energy flow to the lungs and heart and promote a smooth circulation flow inside the body. Use this in the morning or early afternoon to naturally increase…

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Al-Waalee Muhammad Hsing-I Class: Pi Chuan 3

This is a scene from one of Master Muhammad’s Hsing-I Chuan classes, that focuses on drills and applications for Pi Chuan (Splitting Fist). Master Muhammad is founder and Chief Instructor of TRANSITIONS Internal Arts Institute in Houston, Texas. Transitions;,Hsing-I,Chuan;,Martial,Arts;,Chinese,Internal,Self,Defense #AlWaalee #Muhammad #HsingI #Class #Chuan

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Benefits of Tai Chi and Neigong practice: Meditation on Movement

An audiovisual exploration of the benefits of traditional Tai Chi and Tai Chi Neigong practice for health, wellbeing and also performance. We will explore the roles of posture, movement, mindfulness and fascia. Visit www.13Dynamics.com for video course, training etc. #taichi #mindfulness #movement #fascia #performance [vid_tags] #Benefits #Tai #Chi #Neigong #practice #Meditation #Movement

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