🩵ASMR Reiki Energy Healing for Winter 🩵 (Winter Affirmations, Pluck/Pull, Crystal Bowls)❄️🌨️

“Nature doesn’t rush yet everything is accomplished”🌟🌀❄️🌨️🩵🦋

In winter, our circadian rhythm adjusts to the changing light patterns. With shorter days, our internal clocks respond, affecting aspects like sleep and energy levels. Understanding these natural shifts can help us navigate the season, adapting our routines for overall well-being during the winter months. I pray Todays session can serve as this reminder, to surrender to the flow of nature, and allow the internal and external winter to happen. In honor of our own blueprints and circadian rhythms ❄️🦋🌀🩵

Welcome to our ASMR sanctuary! 🌞🐉🌿
I’m Ginger; A Reiki master practitioner, sacred medicine ceremonialist, yoga teacher and artist from a lil village called Esterillos Oeste in Costa Rica. I love to blend my life experiences with Reiki charged ASMR to create an experience for relaxation and positive energy where we can all uplift each other as we walk each other home. I hope this container can be a safe space of tranquility and mindful exploration. Your support means the world to me, and I’d love to connect with you further!
Feel free to drop any suggestions or questions in the comments or find me on Instagram @Deyemension for a deeper connection and a glimpse into the divine essence of our shared journey 🐉⚡️💗

0:00 Opening the session 🦋
9:17 Plucking/Pulling/clearing toxic energies🌀
14:00 continuing the session 🦋
17:17 crystal and crystal bowl healing frequencies 🌀
18:40 Winter Affirmations 🦋
28:25 Reiki for Solar Plexus 🌀
29:30 Protecting you and closing the session 🦋

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