2018 JKDAA EXPO – Baguazhang 8 Animal Combat Demonstration


This video we bring you about baguazhang to you so you can watch and also have access to related topics and items, all in one place. You can learn and keep learning without distraction.

Sifu Lake giving an impromptu demonstration of the fighting flavors of the 8 animals of Baguazhang after teaching a segment on Neigong and Baguazhang Coiling Elbows at the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association 2018 Expo.

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||| Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake D.M.Q., L.Ac|||

Kelly Ryan Lake is 65th generation Daoist Priest of the Tianshi sect of Zhengyi Daoism and a 81st generation priest of the Shangqing (Maoshan) Tradition of Daoism, Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy (China), Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California, and Sifu of Baguazhang and Yang style Taijiquan under Professor Jerry Alan Johnson.

Kelly Ryan Lake is the founder and head abbot of the Temple of the Original Thunder, a Daoist Academy that offers instruction locally and online to those seeking to learn Internal Martial Arts, Medical Qigong Therapy, and Esoteric Spiritual Alchemy and Ritual Magic.

Song – Invincible
Artist – DEAF KEV