Healing Sounds, Qigong, Louhan Patting – 30 minutes with Don Fiore


This video we bring you about qigong to you so you can watch and also have access to related topics and items, all in one place. You can learn and keep learning without distraction.

TaiChiHealthProducts.org presents 30 minutes from a live class in Don Fiore’s home. As well as doing movements, Don explains some interesting information about Qigong and Louhan Patting. People will also enjoy doing the Healing Sounds.
Two DVDs that have these movements are “Easy TaiChi-Qigong” and “Daily Qigong & Daily Tai Chi.”

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Copyright 2021 by Don Fiore & Victoria Fiore. All rights reserved.
Video, editing & original Music – Tori Fiore Film Projects.