Mantak Chia, TANTRA TAO, Chi Nei Tsang, Internal power: Charles Muir, Solla Pizzuto

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Global WebTV Interviewer Li Lou Mace with Solla Pizzuto, Chi Nei Tsang Specialist, Universal Healing Tao, Tantra Practitioner and Wellness Coach in Santa Monica Tikkun Holistic Spa, CA USA..

Insight to what is Chi Nei Tsang, Connection-love based Tantra practice, and internal power of generating Chi in everyday life.

A look into the Healing Taoist approach to Tantra, Chi Nei TSang Internal Body Organ therapy, and how they work together to bring internal alchemy, health, vitality, and longevity.

UPCOMING EVENT: Master Tao Mantak Chia & Tantra Master Charles Muir
Meeting of the Masters TAO and TANTRA
See the Video Interviews with Charles Muir and Mantak Chia:

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Solla Pizzuto, Global Wellness Educator, Chi Nei Tsang, Universal Healing Tao and Tantra Practitioner, in Los Angeles, CA USA . Tikkun Holistic Spa SM,CA.