Qi Master Charging Objects With Qi (Smoke Starts To Rise 💨😳)

After the 5 days of treatments, during this recent medical seminar of July 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand was completed, Neigong Master Zhou Gan Sheng asked for the items of my brother and sister students, he then emitted qi into the items to “charge” them up. As he charges the bracelets, necklaces and rings, “smoke” can be seen rising from them, this is said to be “damp qi,” which is being purged from the objects. Charging jewelry in this manner is said to be beneficial for the wearer.

Many thanks to Master Zhou for providing us with the opportunities to cure our ailments and to witness such rare qigong phenomena. Also many thanks to his direct student and my teacher Rudi (whom is standing next to Master Zhou in this video), for open-heartedly teaching us such unique Neigong methods and also organizing these well needed medical seminars, which only serve to benefit our training.

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#Master #Charging #Objects #Smoke #Starts #Rise