4K REIKI | Full chakra alignment energy healing & sound vibrational healing | Deep energy cleansing

(NOTE) If you are willing to receive this healing, then all you need to do is consent.

During this Reiki energy healing session I am bringing forward the highest of love and light through spirit to cleanse and align all of your energy centers, further removing any type of negative energies away from you to shift you into the energies of love, light and peace. My intentions are to help release you from any types of pains, struggles or conflict that might be residing within your mind body and soul.

Make yourself comfortable and be ready to release all that no longer serves you or your highest good. The time is now to step into a higher vibrational frequency so you can find a place of inner tranquility and peace.

All the sounds in the background have been recorded and produced by me to bring you that further kick of frequency and vibrational healing. All the frequencies being used are from full moon Tibetan bowls and a rain stick. Each bowl resonates at a specific frequency associated with each of your energy centers, whilst assisting with shifting you into alignment within this moment.

I do need to acknowledge everyone for your support on this channel. Thank you for subscribing, liking and leaving positive feedback within the comment section as it helps to spread my healings to even more people!

If you would like to purchase Reiki infused crystals from me then please feel free to check out my website. I shall leave a link down below if you wish to check it out! Until next time, I wish many blessings upon you filled with the highest of love and light! Take care, Michael.

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