Ba Gua Zhang Online Program

On November 07 we will start our new online class. Every Monday at 6 pm (german time) we will practice one hour Ba Gua together. Class by class we will build up the basics of Ba Gua Zhang and guide you through the system of spirals and circles.
No matter where you are coming from and what you practiced before, here is your chance to join our Ba Gua training in a regular frame!

Its very simple. All you need is to register to our online database
The monthly fee is 20€ (next to a lot of tutorials we have here our online classes, and apart of that it is also a great way to support our school ;)).

You don’t need much. For Ba Gua training I simply recommend a space of around 4 m2, so you can walk a circle without being restricted too strongly by the space.

The last online class I hostet lasted a period of 2 years.(5 Animals Qi Gong). Class by class we built the classes. That made it harder and harder to join later on as a newcomer to the class. That means: Now is the perfect time to start. With every class on top. It will be harder again to catch up with our program!

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