Bagua Zhang Practitioner with Motion Sensors Attached

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Recently, Energy Arts Instructor Lee Burkins was allowed access to the Monfort Human Performance Lab at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado. He had motion sensors attached to his body to pickup the movements. The buttons had to be placed in specific positions so the twelve computer connected cameras could follow and record his movements and compute a composite structure of the human form. Occasionally you will see bright linear blue lines appear and disappear during the video play. These lines are the computer having a little difficulty following each and every ‘sensor button’ otherwise the thin blue lines that trace the ‘buttons’ motions through space clearly show the coiling, spiraling and unitized body movement. These lines can represent vectors of force or external chi configuration. Look carefully and see the intricate complexity and interaction of the limbs and torso. The expanding and shrinking tornado type vortices bagua is famous for become obvious.

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