Easy TaiChi – join in – a 9-minute Daily Practice

VibrantHealthHappiness.com presents a 9-minute Daily Practice of Easy Tai Chi with Don Fiore. This video shares sample movements and teaching style from our “Easy TaiChi-Qigong” DVD which is one hour & 20 minutes. You can order the DVD on the Home Page of our TaiChiHealthProducts.org website. It is the first DVD. The price includes shipping within the US – However, $14 is added to items shipped outside the US, and we ship around the world. Thank you for the positive feed-back about this daily program we have received from people around the world.

Don Fiore’s newest updated instructional DVDs are “Daily Qigong & Daily Tai Chi” and “3 QIGONG Daily Practices” – which has the popular “8 Brocades.” Order on TaiChiHealthProducts.org

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Copyright 2012 by Don Fiore & Victoria Fiore. All rights reserved.
Video – Tori Fiore Film Projects
Music: On an Angel’s Wings – Glac & Juan

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