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Jiang Yu Shan (Hisham Al-Haroun) has lived 30 years in Taiwan practicing Kung Fu and Qigong. He is most notably known for being the master of the monkey style and inheritor of the Monkey Fist Door but he is also a master in Tai Chi, Bagua Zhang, Wing Chun, Xin Yi Ba and Wu Zhu Quan.

Jiang is a 33rd generation Shaolin disciple and has been nominated 9th Dan (or “Duan”) in Chinese Kung Fu. In addition, he comes from a wrestling family and is well-rehearsed in other martial arts such as catch wrestling (he has a good relationship with the notorious CACC Snake Pit in Japan).

Not only that, Jiang also worked as a special forces (CMC.SCC) drill instructor for over 10 years teaching hand-to-hand combat, tactical raid, entry team tactics, knife fighting and hostage rescue to Taiwanese special ops. Before that he was an army paratrooper in the German military where he got his initial military education.

Due to his respected status in Taiwan’s society and his high expertise in self-defence, he has served as a bodyguard for several Taiwanese presidents and presidential candidates. A foreigner working as a bodyguard for a president is extremely rare and unheard of in almost any country in the world.

To test his martial arts skills and proficiency in practice, Jiang has competed in various kickboxing, Sanda, MMA and Karate competitions, winning 7 gold medals. His biggest victory was winning the All Japan Karate MMA competition 2016 in Tokyo, Japan at the age of 45.

Jiang has 40 years of training in Kung Fu and has operated as a respected teacher since he was in his twenties. Now, he is a grandmaster who comes from very rare and pure lineages of Kung Fu and Qigong. This is why his teachings are not only very unique but also more effective than many of the commercial forms of Qigong or Kung Fu you see today.

It’s our privilege and honour to showcase his skills to the broader audience. Enjoy!