Learn Bagua Zhang with Brandon Sugiyama – Part 1

This is an introduction to basic bagua zhang posture and stepping. In this easy to follow video, you will learn fundamental drills and exercises that can be practiced at home.

0:26 – Basic posture and hand position
2:35 – Stationary single-footed stepping drills
8:13 – Stationary double-footed stepping drills
16:39 – Turning (kou bu, bai bu)
21:13 – Linear stepping drills with turning (tang ni bu)
23:51 – Turning and upper body coordination with linear stepping drills

Watch part 2 in this series here:

Brandon Sugiyama is an international wushu judge and competitor based in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He learned bagua zhang from his long-time wushu teacher, Zhang Hong Mei, former member of the Beijing Wushu Team.

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