Neidan and Neigong: Less talk, more stillness and silence

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Too much talk on philosophy and theory, too much external movement, and other misinformation on Neigong and cultivation of the elixir neidan out there. We don’t need hour long lectures that go nowhere or 7 hour video lesson on a hodgepodge microcosmic orbit information. You need to put in the time and effort (youwei) of your traditional method and then bask in the fruits of your effort (wuwei). Get the method from a competent teacher and do the work.

Links to good sources:
Zhao bichen’s grandson Zhao Ming Wang

Wang Liping and Nathan Brine

Wu Guozhong (cheng Man-Ching’s disciple)

Yangjia Michuan/Jianshan Pai of Wang Yen-Nien

Yang Hai series on Xiu Dao

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