Reiki Deception, former Reiki Master warns

Reiki was deceptively marketed as Christian in the 1930’s, by a woman named Hawayo Takata who spread untrue stories that the inventor of Reiki, Mikao Usui, was a seminary professor (he was not). She later admitted that Christians would not have accepted Reiki without this fabrication. Other lies about Reiki is the blasphemous and illogical statement that Jesus used Reiki, or that the Bible’s accounts of laying on of hands refers to Reiki. The true history of Reiki is that Usui was a Japanese shaman who had visions of symbols that he said gave people access to channeling “universal life force energy.” Reiki does have an effect, and many people claim that it has healed them or given them peace. In this video, former Reiki Master Doreen Virtue and ex-psychic Jenn Nizza discuss why Christians should avoid Reiki.

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