Reiki Sleep Meditation & ocean sounds: Music for insomnia, stress relief & anxiety

Regardless of the cause of your insomnia, Reiki may be beneficial. In some cases, Reiki may help by assisting to address the underlying cause of the insomnia. In other cases, Reiki may simply help you relax and establish better sleep patterns in spite of the cause of your condition.

If your insomnia is the result of stress, anxiety or depression, Reiki sessions may help to alleviate some of the problem. Some of the ways in which Reiki may help with these issues are detailed below.

Reiki is relaxing.
Reiki often helps clients to relax, thus allowing them to put their problems in perspective and find a sense of mental and spiritual balance. This can lead to reduced stress and anxiety, which may in turn help relieve insomnia.
Reiki gives control back to the client.
People who suffer from stress, anxiety or depression often feel like their life is not in their hands. Clients who participate in Reiki sessions are taking control of their condition, which may improve the symptoms.
Reiki facilitates interpersonal connections.
Clients often feel supported and connected with their Reiki practitioners, who are caring and professional individuals. These interpersonal connections may alleviate the symptoms of depression and other mental problems, thus reducing incidences of insomnia.
Even if your insomnia is not the direct result of depression, anxiety or stress, Reiki sessions may still help you. Insomnia often occurs because of a combination of factors. Regardless of the factors contributing to your condition, relieving stress and restoring your sense of balance may still be beneficial. This is especially true if the cause of your insomnia cannot be addressed directly.

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