Song Family Xingyi in The Founders 300 Year Old Home – Exploring Xingyi Quan ep6

In today’s episode we visit the Song Family home in Taigu to talk to the head of the family, Song Guang Hua about the internal aspects of Song Family Xingyi Quan, and his son also gives a demonstration and explanation of Yin Yang theory and how it pertains to Pi Quan.
In this series, I team up with Paul Andrews of Xingyi Academy and Jon Nicklin to travel to Tianjin, Shanxi and Henan to explore the various styles of the art of Xingyi Quan. We will cover the Hebei Style of Li Cun Yi, Song and Che Family Xingyi in Taigu, Dai Style Xinyi in Qi County and Muslim Xinyi Liuhe in Henan Province.

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