The Story of Bagua Zhang Ep. 01 – Dong Haichuan Part 1

The story of Bagua Zhang was produced and released domestically in China in around the year 2020. It features four lengthy episodes covering different topics regarding the history and practice of Bagua Zhang along with various interviews.

I have translated, subtitled and dubbed this series and have also added relevant information for the international community to enjoy. I will be releasing it in smaller episodes for ease of viewing. Following this, I have some follow up interviews and videos that I will film and produce regarding the topic of Bagua Zhang and its history.

Dong Haichuan Part 1
In this episode we look at the background and mystery regarding Bagua Zhang’s founder, Dong Haichuan

Music featured:
* All The Tea In China by Shane Ivers –
* Rebellion (Cinematic) – Infraction Music
* Epic Emotional Piano – Infraction Music
* Planet – Infraction Music
*Attack – Infraction Music
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