Xing Yi Quan: 5 Elements resistance band warm-up exercises [Xingyiquan / Hsing I Chuan]

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We filmed this when I had just got back from China in 2016. Whilst in China training I tore my rotator cuff in the right shoulder and when we filmed this my right shoulder was still injured. I’ve used resistance bands for exercise and martial arts training for many years, there are tons of boxing and MMA routines with resistance bands too, this isn’t something unique to Xing Yi but it’s something I like.

I first started using bands when I saw a video of someone using hand weights while striking. I thought that it was odd to do that because you have to pull back to stop the weight going forwards which takes the energy away from your target. With a band you have to continue through the resistance which gets stronger the more you press through so you are training to accelerate into the target.

In this episode I thought we would just take a look at some basic warm up exercises to develop some connections and stretch out some of your muscles to help avoid getting injured. I found these exercises helped my shoulder recover quite a bit and they can be done at different levels of resistance and intensity from low impact to high depending on what you want to achieve.

The resistance band in the video is from Decathalon and is 15kg at full stretch, other options are available from other vendors.

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