Bagua Zhang – A Traditional Chinese Martial Art (1980’s Docu) – ENG SUB

Bagua Zhang – A Traditional Chinese Martial Art (1980’s Docu) – ENG SUB

This documentary was produced in approximately 1986 in Beijing and features many of the prominent lineages/styles and practitioners. It portrays the methods and characteristics of these styles as they were existent in Beijing.

I have added English subtitles to and relevant information to this documentary. This version’s video quality is not ideal and it has proven quite difficult to locate a better quality copy in full, even when I contacted some of my own Bagua family members that were featured in this documentary. Nonetheless, is a valuable piece of history and now accessible to non-Chinese speakers.

If I locate a better quality copy of this documentary, I will re-release it with the translation.

As always, doing this type of translation and editing is time consuming and difficult, so any and all support you are able to give me through Patreon makes this worthwhile of my time and skills and will enable me to produce more such content into the future.

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