Xingyiquan or Hsing I Chuan Form

Demonstrated by Dondrub Wangchuk Shifu of the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre Toronto.

About Xingyiquan: (also spelled Hsing I Chuan) is the most direct of the three “internal” Chinese martial arts, which also includes Taijiquan and Baguazhang, being likened to the head of the dragon or to a cannon ball of energy (Qi) because of its direct, counterattacking techniques. The legendary 12th century Chinese general, Yeuh Fei, used it to train his victorious troops.

This style of Xingyiquan, which can be traced back to Liu Qi-lan, is based on the Wu Xing Quan or Five Element Fists: ­ Splitting (Metal), Drilling (Water), Smashing (Wood), Pounding (Fire) and Crossing (Earth). Subsequent training includes the Five Element Linking sets, the Twelve Animal sets and 2-person sets. Related training includes Yi Quan standing meditation postures, which are a powerful Qigong tool.

The Five Element Fists are based on Five Element Theory, which is prominent in Chinese philosophy and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Five Element theory works not only as a martial strategy but also in terms of health. Thus as you train, you are purifying and strengthening the whole mind-body system and especially the five Yin organs ­ lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen.

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