Qigong to Boost Immunity and Lower Stress – Zhan Zhuang – Natural Medicine for Immune Health

Build immunity and clear stress with this simple beginner’s Qigong routine. Whether facing a pandemic, or just a regular cold and flu season, one of the best ways we can keep our immune systems strong is to lower our stress and build up our energy, and that is what makes Qigong such good preventative medicine. Many Qigong practitioners find that regular practice means that when they do catch an illness it tends to be less severe and not last as long.

For the curious and/or skeptical (skepticism is welcome here), there are several studies showing that Qigong practice may help the body to produce more immune cells, and may even make those cells more potent, among a number of other health benefits:

Enjoy the practice and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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