Simple Daily Qigong Practice To Rejuvenate and Brighten the Spirit and Qi

Here is a simple Qigong practice that will help rejuvenate, refresh, and brighten your Qi and Spirit!

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When we:
– spend a lot of energy
– work too hard
– experience too much stress
– don’t sleep deeply
– become drained by people

…we can become Qi deficient.

If we look for a medical equivalent to Qi deficiency – there really isn’t one.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong suggests that when we are healthy we have abundant Qi, and it flows smoothly throughout our internal organs and meridians.

When the Qi becomes deficient or stagnant, we will not feel our best, and we can begin to experience physical health issues.

The idea is simple…

When we encourage the Qi to flow smoothly and abundantly and we will be physically, mentally, and spiritually health!
Of course the next question is…

…how to I encourage my Qi to move smoothly?

Well, a simple Qigong practice like this can help 🙂

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I’m Jeffrey Chand, an acupuncturist, practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine, and Qigong instructor.

I am incredibly passionate about sharing simple Qigong practices because I have directly witnessed how helpful it can be for a variety of health issues, prevention, emotional/mental health, and even spiritual health.

The style that I try to present is simple but effective, because it is based on several Qigong traditions, clinical experience, physical therapy, traditional and modern medicine, and from working with many people from a variety of backgrounds.

This style can be practiced if you are an absolute beginner and if you already have experience in Qigong or Tai Chi.

If you are curious, give Qigong practice a try and I am sure you will notice benefit to your health and wellness 🙂

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