Tai chi chuan for beginners – Taiji Canon Fist Chen Style 1 Part 8

Tai Chi Chuan for beginners taijiquan chen style
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Taiji Chuan for beginners takes you through the Chen style form, also known as the canon fist. The Chen form has an old frame and a new frame form.
In this video Master Wong is performing the new frame canon Fist form and has separated the form into 8 parts in this series for you to learn.
Chen style is much more challenging compared to the 24 – Yang style. Yang has much slower movements and less demanding then Chen. Chen consists of fast control movements mixed in with some slower movements with jumps and turns, from low to high. Practicing this form will defiantly get your heart pumping and build stronger legs.

The Chen style was the first ever TaiJi form created, followed by Yang, Sun, Wu and Ng. The creator Chan San Feng used TaiJj for combat purposes. The Yang family later transferred it’s training methods for health benefits.

Benefits of taiji Chuan
The form will help you learn to maintain balance when moving in combat lines. It will help you develop better posture and use your strength internally, using power that you’ll never new existed inside you. Most strike can be devastating when hits land on the body. Researchers have found that Tai Chi practice shows favorable effects on the promotion of balance control, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Tai Chi has stood the test of time, millions upon millions of people practice Tai Chi to keep themselves young in body and mind and have been doing so for thousands of years. Tai Chi unifies body, mind and energy and nurtures every part of ourselves.

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