Xing Yi Quan Five Elements: Free Sparring And Training [Xingyiquan / Hsing I Chuan]


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Here we get padded up and get our hands a little dirty with some basic five element free sparring (Wu Xing Jiaoshou). Please note that this is a training session and light sparring it is not a full on fight, the intensity is adjusted to the level of the student, and whilst Paul isn’t allowing his student Daniel to hit him freely he is not defending or attacking too strongly.

In this way Paul is working outside of Daniel’s comfort zone but not so much that he cannot do anything at all. This might seem frustrating to the student but over time it can really assist with development.

The idea is to just place enough pressure on the student to get him out of his comfort zone and thinking about footwork, positioning and most importantly, not withering when put under pressure.

The techniques used here are mainly limited to the Five Elements but occasionally we will throw in the odd animal technique. Enjoy!

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